Eirini Evangelatou




Actress - Director – Dramatic Play Facilitator - Psychodramatist

Eirini Evangelatou studied acting at the Higher Drama School of D. Fotiadis, voice-contemporary song at the National Conservatory and directing at THA. She has also studied at the theatrical workshop of V. Diamantopoulos and has attended numerous seminars on drama, acting methods (Stanislavski, Grotowski, Brecht, Lorca), ORFF system, physical theatre, improvisation, Japanese theatre (Afaro, boo techniques), rhythm, theatre pedagogy and dramatic play (with L. Kourentzis and X. Kalogeropoulou) and psychodrama (Moreno method).

She has been involved in the design, organisation, directing and execution of numerous theatrical performances as well as physical and visual theatre plays for adults and children. She was also a teacher-facilitator in the programme "Dramatic Play and People with Special Needs" with the support of the National Confederation of Disabled People at institutions that house people with special needs.

Since September 2008 she has been running a theatrical workshop in Nafpaktos, teaching Psychodrama, Dramatic Play, Acting, Pantomime, Improvisation and Verbal speech training, in collaboration with renowned actors, directors and psychodramatists.


Freelance staff